June 10, 2015


This year I am documenting more families and it has really been a joy! I love capturing families in their true essence. I take a very laid back and fun approach to family sessions. We spend the majority of the session playing and letting mom and dad give lots of kisses and hugs. What kind of child wouldn’t love that? After having my own family photos taken, I have realized what it is like to be on the other side of the camera and how it can be a little stressful worrying about how your child(ren) will behave during their session. During my own family session I learned to just let go and not worry about everything being so perfect. Our day to day lives are not perfect. Let’s be real, my days are filled with diaper explosions, meltdowns, pajamas, and a make-up free face. After receiving our family photos back, I realized how much I loved having our family documented just as we are. Not so posed and perfect, but true to who we really are. Those are the memories that I want to remember forever and that is exactly what I strive to do with family sessions.

Without further ado, here is the Jacques family! Seriously, the cutest little family of four. Theo was looking rather dapper in his adorable little shoes and suspenders. And his hair, to die for even if it had a mind of its own. Little miss Hazel was full of spunk and energy, I loved it! Kylie made this super sweet crown for her to wear during the session, which photographed so beautifully! Kylie was a little nervous about how Hazel would handle photos, but I must say, she did amazing! By the end of the session we were pals. I even got a few hugs. Yay! And of course we had to top off their family session with just a few photos of mom and dad. Kylie and Bryan were past clients of mine. I shot their wedding a few years back, so we had to get a few updated photos of them in their new roles as spouses and parents. I am absolutely in love with how this session unfolded and incredibly excited for you to take a peek. Thank you so much Jacques family for allowing me to capture you guys during such a memorable time in your lives. Enjoy! : )



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