September 26, 2017

Tuesday Tips | Bustles for your Wedding Dress

I am so excited to kick off the first of our Tuesday Tips series on the blog today! I am starting this series because I once was a bride who felt flustered at the idea of planning a wedding. I had NO idea what I was doing. There were so many small details I completely forgot about, that I wish someone could have told me about. Fear no more, brides!! I’ve got you covered. I’ll be sharing some of my best tips with you every Tuesday, that I know will help you in planning and organizing your wedding day. So join me every Tuesday right here to learn more! : )

Today we are starting off the series with some details about your dress and the all important bustle!  With the amount of details involved in planning your big day there are often a few small details involving your dress that you might not think about. Let me tell you, the bustle is one of them!  By definition a bustle is when a wedding dress (specifically the train of the dress) is hooked at the back to hold the excess fabric of the dress. Now depending on the style of dress you may not require a bustle but if your dress has any type of excess fabric at the back and if you want to be able to walk around all day and dance the night away you will want to ensure you have a bustle for your dress. As beautiful as the train of your dress may be, you want to make sure that you do not have to carry it around with you all night…so a bustle is a must! You can thank me later!

Here are my tips to ensure you nail the bustle!

1. Find a seamstress that you trust and has great reviews. Referrals are best! Unfortunately, I have heard too many horror stories about bustles not being completed on time or done incorrectly. So do your research and find someone that will do a wonderful job.

2. Ensure that your seamstress or whoever is creating the bustle for you, makes it as sturdy and secure as possible so it will hold up throughout the night!! I have seen MANY bustles break within minutes of the dress being bustled. Most of the times when this happens, it’s because the fabric from the train is super heavy and the string used to bustle the train is not strong enough to hold.

3. Practice Practice Practice! You want to make sure your seamstress or whoever is creating the bustle to give you instructions on how it works.  Then you should have the person or bridesmaid that will be helping you with the bustle on your wedding day be there with you during the practice round. This will ensure that you’re not stressed on your wedding day when you can’t figure out how to bustle your dress!

I hope these tips help you rethink your bustle to make sure if doesn’t cause you any stress on your wedding day.  I look forward to meeting you here every Tuesday for some more wedding day tips!



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