October 10, 2017

Tuesday Tips | Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

Bow ties are definitely making a comeback in the wedding attire scene.  They are such a versatile option for menswear on your wedding day with options ranging from fun and out of the box to sophisticated black tie formal.  As amazing as bow ties look, there is always the struggle to figure out how they work! The same goes for pocket squares. They add such a classic, elegant touch but 9 times out of 10 the groomsmen have no idea how they fold or what they even are.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with bow ties and pocket squares!

  1. A lot of groomsmen will not know how to tie their bow tie! So in order to avoid your groomsmen from frantically watching tutorials on YouTube (yep this has totally happened multiple times!!), consider purchasing or renting a pre-tied bow tie for ease!
  2. If you do decide on bow ties that do are not pre-tied, designate one person (who knows how to tie a bow tie) to be in charge of tying all of them so they look uniform.
  3. The same can apply to pocket squares! You can get pre-folded ones or have one person fold them all in the correct way.

I know some of these tips may seem so trivial in the grand scheme of your wedding day, but these are often those small details that people never think of that can cause added stress on your wedding day. Even though there are some tricks to achieving the correct looking bow tie and pocket square, do not let that shy you away from incorporating them into the look of your wedding day! They are a great way to inject the grooms personality or elevate the look of your wedding.




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